Mastering is an Art!
I have mastered over 100 albums, some have gone platinum and beyond. There are lots of “one button services” we see online these days which could possibly work… However, you really need someone who is highly skilled to listen to the song you put a lot of time in crafting, and then recording and mixing, before you go to final distribution.

I have the amazing honor to study with the incredible master professor David Moulton in 1982-1984, who created the highly esteemed and very successful “Golden Ears” ear-training program for audio engineers. It was in a very rare and extremely prestigious Bachelor Degree, only one of three in America at the time called the “TONMEISTER PROGRAM”. It was at the Satte University of New York in Fredonia. (I was invited to take over his position as the Director in 1998, but I dec ited to remain in the NYC area.) There were apparently about 2000 applicants a year, they reviewed 200, and only excepted 20 students.

Among my classmates were “Scott Hull”, “Andy Van Dette” (who are the best in the industry), and Ellen Fitton (who recently earned an Emmy!) Emily Lazar (who has been nominated 5 times and in 2019 Alesha Keys announced that the just won the “most historic” technical Grammy for being the first woman for MASTERING). How cool is that?

I went on to become an accoladed Professor of Audio Engineering and then Music & Video Technology, and I’ve taught over 1000 college students. When I designed an award-winning bachelor degree program in Music Technology, I used the textbook and the 8-CD training series “Golden Ears”, by my amazing Prof. David Moulton!

So don’t hesitate to contact me to help you “Master” your “Masterpiece”! Send me an email to:
Some of my clients have included:

Janice Hendrix (for Jimi Hendrix)
Backstreet Boys
Green Day
Dave Matthew’s Band
Donnie Wahlberg- “SOUTHIE” film
Lauryn Hill
Alanis Morrisette
Tori Amos
Brady Cudmore
Carol Lester
Angelo Cerrone (Frank Sinatra Memorial)
Roger Ansanelli
Chris Bohinski
The Rosados
Jay Jay E
MJ Medina
All of the ️releases, for
MusicTech Kids®️& MusicTech Teens®
and many, many more, including over 50 for the “Drew’s Famous Party Music” record company!